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B2B Order Management Challenges

What are the top 10 challenges faced by today’s B2B Supply Chain and Distribution professionals? A Q1 2016 survey of 213 professionals across North America, conducted in conjunction with IBM, Supply Chain Management Review and Modern Distribution Management, revealed the following results:

  1. Workforce productivity/Labor management
  2. Ability to process more orders, faster
  3. Managing order fulfillment costs
  4. Implementing and better utilizing technology related to distribution and fulfillment
  5. Inventory visibility across all locations (including in-transit inventory)
  6. Managing production, distribution and fulfillment for multiple products/brands
  7. Complex order configuration and/or pricing and quoting
  8. Coordinating activities across various divisions/disparate facilities/Handling the complexities of order management processes
  9. Inventory allocation across supply chain partners
  10. Single view of all orders from all sources (online, EDI, fax, etc.)