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There are multiple articles naming the best e-commerce sites based on the opinions of professional designers or e-commerce specialists. However, the only opinions that do really matter are those of your buyers. We asked people who shop online what the best e-commerce site(s) is/are and why. Now lets take a look at our findings.


1. Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site among online shoppers.

As you can see in the graph below, more than half of all respondents named Amazon among the best e-commerce sites based on their online shopping experience. The second most popular site eBay is far behind and was mentioned almost 7 times less than Amazon.

Note: E-commerce sites included in the graph above are the most often mentioned by online shoppers as being the best. Other sites mentioned that accounted for less than 1% of all respondents have been excluded from this graph.


2. Pricing is the main criteria buyers take into consideration during online shopping.

There are multiple reasons based on which buyers choose the best e-commerce sites. Below is the list of the most popular reasons.

1. Affordable pricing – 69.7%

2. Wide range of products – 42.1%

3. Trust towards the e-commerce site – 30%

4. Quality of products – 20.3%

5. Timely delivery – 18.3%

6. Easy check out process – 17.1%

7. Easy site navigation – 14%

8. Product reviews – 11.5%

9. Free shipping – 9.8%

10. Rare/unique/customized products – 6.2%

11. Free returns – 5%

12. Product comparison option – 4.4%

13. Personalized promotions – 4.1%

14. Quality of the product page – 3.6%

15. Mobile friendliness – 2.7%

16. Customer loyalty programs – 2.2%

17. Good customer service – 2%

18. Order tracking – 1.9%

19. Multiple payment options – 1.6%

20. Multiple shipping options – 1.3%

21. Scheduled orders – 1.1%

22. Wish and gift lists – 1%

Note: Reasons mentioned by less than 1% of all respondents have been excluded from the list.


3. 2/3 of the ‘best e-commerce sites’ sell clothing online.

That confirms data from an earlier online shopping behavior survey saying that clothing is the most popular product buyers shop for online.


4. Almost half of the ‘best e-commerce sites’ are on the Top 100 Online Retailers list.

Internet Retailer created a list of Top 500 Online Retailers in the US and Canada based on their annual online sales and yearly sales growth. 49% of websites mentioned by buyers are in the Top 100 online shopping sites list which serves as more evidence of the correlation between online sales and online shopping experience provided by the retailer.

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