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Microsoft® SharePoint®. As a central knowledge repository, it’s great. It’s collaborative. And it’s business friendly. Why?

First, it’s easy to limit file and folder access. Second, it enforces version control, so you don’t end up with disparate versions of the same file. And third, you can build document workflows that enforce your business rules.

Sounds perfect, right? Well… yes… unless….

Large file limitations

What’s that? You have a file that’s 100MB? Hmmm… 2GB? 10GB? Oh dear. Houston, we have a problem.

We’ll have to create an exception to those rules. Let’s make folders on the local network…PowerPoint files with embedded spreadsheets can go in this folder, video files in another, and database files in a third folder. Ok?

Wait… You have users in North America and Asia who need access to the same files? Hmmm…. we’ll need to have duplicates on each continent. So much for the central repository. Is there a better way?

Ultra high-speed data transfer

What if you could store all those large files in SharePoint? Yes, that’s right, 100MB, 1GB or 10GB files. Transferred to your existing SharePoint library in seconds.

Video files, large files with embedded content, database files. All in one location.

Imagine how easy file management would be. No more lost files. No more duplicate files and versions. No more security breaches because someone forgot to change access permissions on a local network folder.

You’d finally have a truly centralized knowledge repository. With all the access control and other benefits of SharePoint.

Sound interesting? Want to know how to do it?

1000x faster than FTP

Aspera. It’s an application that works with SharePoint to move your files at maximum speed. How?

By eliminating bottlenecks and fully utilizing available bandwidth, it’s patented faspTM technology moves your files faster, regardless of distance (US to Asia or Europe? No problem.) So you really can store all your files in one central repository. No exceptions.