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Built on our core values, to adapt relentlessly, pursue value and stand for good, Pivotree is as much a “peoples” company as it is a “tech” company. Frictionless culture is just as relevant as frictionless commerce. While it’s something we’ve always believed in and stood for, it’s what our employees, our people, think that truly matters. So, when Pivotree approached Great Place to Work – Canada, it was all about hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

Thanks to the verdict our employees gave, Pivotree was certified a great place to work in three categories including:
1. Great Place to Work (2022)
2. Best Workplaces in Technology (2022), and
3. Best Workplaces for Inclusion (2022)

How we Aced it!

For Pivotree to qualify for the latter two categories, it was a prerequisite to first be a certified Great Place to Work to begin with. The certification process included a company-wide employee survey to uncover actionable insights and overall company culture. Upon passing the preset threshold, Pivotree was then declared a certified Great Place to Work.

Once we had the initial certification in the kitty, it was just a matter of time before we went for the other two categories (Technology and Inclusion). The primary entry criteria for the Best Workplaces in Technology certification was that the company should, obviously, be a tech company. Once this is met, it is followed by an employee survey (similar to the Great Place to Work survey) to gauge company culture. On the same lines, the Best Workplaces in Inclusion certification is awarded to organizations with survey results that indicate at least 90% employees reporting fair treatment regardless of personal characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation. And Pivotree had this one covered as well.

More on this from Edgar Aranha, Chief People and Culture Officer at Pivotree: “Our company is growing rapidly as we continue to welcome many new Pivoters every month! Sustaining our growth while reinforcing our strong company values – adapt relentlessly, pursue value and stand for good is part of our most rewarding endeavors as an organization.” 

Why it Matters

As a leading tech company driven by a robust set of core values, a conducive work culture is everything. Whether it’s maintaining a healthy environment within existing employees, or attracting new talent, a thriving and healthy culture is just as critical as being at the cutting edge of innovation. The three certifications are testament to the fact that Pivotree’s pursuit for creating a world where commerce is frictionless is in fact driven by its people – creating, innovating and thriving in a truly frictionless working environment.