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Updated 10/21/2013


There are a few sources about ATG Commerce that are available online. However, many of them are outdated. In this blog post, I have included a list of as–yet active (or just still helpful) tutorials, blogs and guides about Oracle ATG Commerce. The list is updated regularly!


Official Documentation:

1. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Documentation

2. Oracle ATG Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Essentials

The page includes recommended training and preparation documentation for the Oracle ATG Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Essentials Exam.



3. Tips from Sony Thomas

4. Between Go Blog

5. Quest 4 ATG

6. ATG

7. Our Own Java: Category ATG

8. Immuraliraj Tech Talks

9. Digital Sanctuary

10. ATG Topics

11. ATG Blog

This blog hasn’t been updated since April 2011.

12. Vishnu Bovilla

It has a couple of Oracle ATG Commerce–related posts.

13. Three2tango

The ‘ATG’ category hasn’t been updated since November 2011. The blog does still have some helpful information about Oracle ATG Commerce.

14.Terse Systems

There isn’t a very good navigation bar in this blog. Type ‘ATG’ in the search box to find Oracle ATG Commerce-related posts.

15. Clean Java

This blog includes numerous schemes to explain Oracle ATG Commerce. However, many of them have low resolution.

16. MetaTheory

This blog hasn’t been updated since December 2010 but still includes many good-quality posts about Oracle ATG Commerce.

17. Internet Marketing – Readme Daily
18. ATG technical discussion

19. ATG launch checklist


20. ATG Tech Google Group

21. Oracle Discussion Forum: Category ATG

22. My Oracle Support (MOS) 

Single Documents and Articles:

23. ATG Framework and Component by Pawan Modi

24. Oracle ATG Review

I hope the information provided in this post will be helpful for you. Please, let me know if I missed any good source(s) of information about ATG Commerce by leaving a comment.