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FTP Alternative: Aspera

Say goodbye to incomplete transfers, poor performance, and SLA violations.
Let’s face it, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is slow and unreliable. It’s so unreliable, it can put your revenue receipt at risk. Even worse, it can result in costly fines for SLA violations. FTP can ruin customer relationships that took years to build, undermining your brand and frustrating business users. Can you really afford to keep using FTP?

Huge ROI
Reducing payment cycles, avoiding fines, and maintaining customer relations are just the tip of the iceberg. Think about how much time your employees spend babysitting large FTP file transfers. Taking hours and then failing, requiring a resend. What a waste of time!

Now imagine how much more productive (and happier!) those same employees would be if transfers took seconds or minutes instead of hours.

With Aspera, that’s possible. Aspera is software that manages your file transfers and sends them at maximum speed.

Move 10GB in just 84 seconds
Imagine sending 10GB files across the US in 84 seconds, or 100GB from the US to Asia in just 14 minutes over a 1 Gbps network. Can FTP do that? No way. Would your business users love it? You bet!

Transfers are unaffected by Packet Loss and Network Delay
Unlike Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Aspera’s patented FASP™ throughput is not impacted by network delay and can handle extreme packet loss, even over long distance WANs. File transfers can fully utilize your available bandwidth and will only be limited by the resources of the end-point computers (typically disk throughput.)

What this means to you is that no matter the distance, your files will be transferred at maximum speed (up to 1,000x faster than standard FTP), every time. High five!

Hollywood Loves Aspera
Movie files are huge. And now that movie post-production workflows are managed electronically, studios demand immediate file transfer. Universal Studios was struggling with big file transfers until they switched to Aspera. Now they move big files quickly and easily from shooting locations around the world to post-production studios in California. Aspera: Problem solved.