Back in 2011 kissmetrics released an infographic titled How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line and it provided evidence for a pretty powerful statement.

“If an ecommerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year”.

We’ve referred to that stat and infographic numerous times over the years, but we’re excited to see a fresh take on the topic from our partners SOASTA (now Akamai) – and its focus on the holiday shopping season couldn’t be more relevant.




Ecommerce Prediction 2015

Source – SOASTA

2015 Predictions

The infographic calls out some of the most important factors to consider as cyber month 2015 approaches. Every year, we say ‘this year will be bigger than ever – and it continues to be true with an anticipated 15% growth in online shoppers this season. One big change this season is the explosive growth of mobile shoppers who are expected to eclipse desktop shoppers.






Cost of Slow Ecommerce

Source – SOASTA

Ecommerce Performance in 2015

So more visitors, and more of them on mobile – what does it mean for your site? It means that more than ever – your performance matters. Almost 5 years ago KissMetrics was saying that one second could cost you millions of dollars and that cost of performance has only grown, with SOASTA reporting that the average impact of slow is $4100/ hr.

For more holiday preparedness advice check out our 2015 guide.

Learn how leading retailers keep their sites performing under peak load, including details on how you can:

  •          Prepare your infrastructure
  •          Optimize your commerce application
  •          Coordinate your marketing

This guide is designed to help mid-sized retailers prepare for peak season by examining their infrastructure capability, application capacity, and marketing campaign processes. Each of these elements is key to understanding how well your web store will perform during the holidays.