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Spending for the occasion is projected to reach a record high of $31.7 billion USD


This Mother’s Day, Pivotree’s teams in professional and managed services are working with several large-scale retailers to help them deliver a frictionless experience to customers ahead of the weekend. As one of the largest retail holidays next to back-to-school and the holiday shopping season, Pivotree’s expertise and solutions are playing a crucial role in ensuring some of North America’s leading retailers meet peak demands and deliver their products on time. 


Ahead of the occasion, the National Retail Foundation has projected that per-person spending will increase to approximately $246 USD, representing close to a 10 percent increase from 2021. Overall spending for Mother’s Day is also projected to increase by $3.6 billion USD from 2021, marking a record high of $31.7 billion USD. With so many consumers keen to find memorable ways to mark the occasion, flowers, greeting cards, special outings and gift cards are topping the list of go-to purchases. 


“For many of our customers, Mother’s Day is a special moment in the year,” said James Brochu, General Manager for Pivotree Supply Chain. “Our expertise in the supply chain, along with our ability to offer integrated, end-to-end solutions to manage digital commerce platforms enables our retail customers to profitably address volume during these types of peak shopping periods.”With Pivotree solutions, customers can also reduce their shipping costs by up to 8 percent by removing friction for both the retailer and the end customer. These supply chain solutions allow for visibility before placing an order, as well as traceability of the order, scalability, efficient fulfillment, and much more. 


Upgrades from Pivotree proactively address new trends in the market for customers, such as buy online and pick up or return in-store (BOPIS or BORIS), curbside pickup, and the increased preference for the convenience of online shopping amid the pandemic. This enables retailers to make sure that supply chain operations run seamlessly and meet these evolving customer needs. 


With customers very invested in the delivery of their items, retailers’ systems need to work seamlessly to deliver the right product to the right address, in the right quantity, and within a very limited time, on or before certain dates. Big moments such as Mother’s Day can come with complications: the more sub-brands, the more product ranges, and the more locations covered, the more that single day can push systems and operations to the limit.


Pivotree’s portfolio of digital solutions, managed and professional services help provide retailers with true end-to-end service to manage complex digital commerce platforms, along with ongoing support from strategic planning through platform selection, deployment, and hosting, to data and supply chain management. 

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, the Pivotree team wanted to share some e-commerce tips and insights to help make the most of the occasion. Check out more below!