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If you’re not sure if Distributed Order Management is right for you, or you’re struggling to justify a budget for Distributed Order Management implementation, here are 46 reasons why developing a Distributed Order Management business case is worth it:

  1. Increase store foot traffic
  2. So your call center can provide customers with useful information
  3. It will help land your next job at a big retailer
  4. Eliminate manual tax calculations on returns
  5. Let customers know what’s in your store
  6. So customers can pick up online orders in-store
  7. Schedule pickup for returning large items
  8. Because everyone else either has one or is getting one
  9. Store associates can order ‘out of stocks’ for customers… and ‘save the sale’
  10. Credit card refunds can be processed immediately
  11. It’s not 1999 anymore
  12. Mergers & Acquisitions – It can be used as an integration hub to connect different legacy systems
  13. Provide customers with click and collect and other cross-channel options
  14. Accurate delivery date estimates for increased customer satisfaction
  15. You’ll receive alerts to help you manage delivery delays before they impact the customer
  16. Automate manual fulfillment processes
  17. Reduce business process errors
  18. See precise order status at all times
  19. Deliver on-time
  20. Stock monitoring and auto procurement initiation for stock replenishments
  21. Seamless omni-channel customer experience – buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere
  22. Let customers know about delivery delays ahead of time
  23. Serve your customers better than your competition
  24. To compete with Amazon Prime
  25. Connect enterprise systems across all customer touchpoints
  26. Operational efficiency
  27. Better inventory aggregation
  28. Accurate demand management
  29. Real-time inventory data
  30. Use ‘buy online pickup in-store to increase store sales (ask us for metrics to support this)
  31. The store is not just a showroom but a fulfillment center
  32. Leverage all your inventory across all your locations
  33. Alert associates to prevent fraud
  34. Amazon is stealing market share
  35. Your call center can resolve customer issues immediately
  36. Your customers will trust you to deliver last-minute gifts on-time
  37. Global inventory visibility across suppliers, stores, and warehouses
  38. In-transit inventory visibility
  39. You need to make the ship happen!
  40. Automate returns processing
  41. Deliver faster with automated sourcing and scheduling
  42. Recover from order errors by shipping a replacement item from your west coast warehouse before 5 PM PST the same day to build brand loyalty
  43. Your customers want a greater item assortment than you can keep in your own stores or warehouses
  44. To ensure you don’t lose money on shipping costs
  45. So you use the most efficient method of procurement and fulfillment of orders based on global inventory across all channels and industries
  46. Because you’ve got 1001 problems and Distributed Order Management shouldn’t be one of them!

If you need additional details on any item from this list, or facts and figures from consumer studies to help make your case, please contact us.