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  • When you consider what’s happening in digital commerce, expectations are massive acceleration. The combination of experience and trust drives customers to purchase from you vs. the many competitors that flood their feed.
  • You must be lean, quick, agile, and focused on your strategy to win. Particularly for product-centric companies, that means getting better information and experiences in front of your customers — faster than anyone else.
  • When you strip down your strategy to those crucial elements, you’ll find that data maturity is much closer than you think.
  • Why? Because forcing your data into preconceived constructs isn’t necessary. You may look at your unstructured, scattered data and see chaos — but a machine doesn’t.



In an ideal state, a company would have strong organizational alignment, governance, and data onboarding/enrichment processes. Yet many companies don’t have the time to get to this state of maturity, and internal friction often gets in the way.
Here’s the good news: advancements in machine learning (ML) have changed the game.
With ML, you don’t need vast organizational constructs or well-structured data because the tech will do that for you. It’s a viable solution to eliminate friction points, add capabilities, and gain insights at any point in your data journey.

Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Automated mapping of unstructured data
  • Analyzing raw data to return accurate classifications
  • Leveraging historical data and current trends to generate business rules and standardize data
  • Autogenerating recommendations and product references with 80-90% accuracy


Every exceptional customer experience is the result of a well-oiled Frictionless Commerce machine — and that includes your internal data management processes. ML unlocks new possibilities to remove friction and get to market faster. Not because everything is perfectly aligned, but because we’ve built an advanced machine that can do it for you. Consider how your company can leverage ML to jumpstart (or even leap past) several steps in your data maturity journey.


Why Read This Report

Strong data management enables insights into customer needs and optimal business operations. It also is a prerequisite for competing with the coming wave of AI-powered systems. Enterprise architecture (EA) pros will need to ensure the right practices and competencies are in place to manage data with an eye toward outcomes and agility. This report provides a detailed assessment to help EA pros plan their path toward a data management practice positioned for today’s insight needs and tomorrow’s intelligent digital insights ecosystem. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. In this version, we have revised the competencies, scoring model, and maturity levels.


Data Maturity is Closer Than you Think

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Evaluate Your Data and Information Management Maturity 

Today’s digital commerce environment runs on speed. But what if your data management program doesn’t allow you to move at the pace of your competitors?

Are there strategies you can implement right now that will move the needle for your business — while also helping you progress along the path to data maturity?

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