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Your choice of an eCommerce hosting provider has an enormous effect on the success of your online store. Choosing the right one allows you to reach more customers, sell more products, and spend more time focusing on the core of your business. Choosing the wrong one may compromise the future of your business from the start. These are the features you should look for as you are evaluating various eCommerce hosting providers.


More than Just Infrastructure

The best eCommerce hosting providers don’t just provide the basic infrastructure you need to establish your online store. They also offer powerful tools and customized support to aid in your growth. Look for a company that is willing to be a partner, not just a provider.


Managed Services

As your online store grows, you’ll likely want to spend more time marketing your services and developing products, and less time dealing with fundamental technical issues. That’s why you should look for an eCommerce hosting provider that can offer you a suite of carefully crafted managed services designed to free up your valuable time and resources.


Powerful Data Centers

The quality of your hosting provider is largely dependent on the quality of their data centers. Look for a company that can provide world-class levels of reliability and security. Do they follow industry best practices? Do their data centers utilize state-of-the-art technology?


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting solutions can offer unparalleled levels of scalability, flexibility, affordability, and availability. Look for an eCommerce hosting provider with public/private/hybrid cloud options built to enterprise-class standards.


Endless Support

Inevitably, issues arise. When they do, you want a guarantee that your eCommerce hosting provider will be there to help you get them resolved. Only depend on a company that is willing to connect you with a technical professional who will spend as much time as it takes to get your eCommerce store fully functioning again.

Few companies can deliver on all these promises. Tenzing can. Contact us today to learn more about your options.