I recently sat down with Serge Rose (LinkedIn profile here), an eCommerce veteran and thought leader, to discuss his thoughts and advice for manufacturers who need to adapt and evolve the way they do business for this new digital world. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the urgency for this evolution – and we’re ready to help advise manufacturing leaders who want to remove friction from their internal and external processes, build resiliency in their businesses, and get buy-in from their internal stakeholders to help build successful digital channels and abilities.

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This “Zoomside” chat is split into 4 themes, each with a set of questions designed to give manufacturing leaders insight into the patterns of success they will want to emulate for a successful digital transformation.


Theme 1: Why eCommerce (and why you can’t ignore it anymore)
    • Can manufacturers without eCommerce capabilities still compete?
    • How important is it for manufacturers to remove friction from the buying process?
    • What advantages are there for the internal users of eCommerce systems in the B2B context?
    • How is the Amazon effect driving this?
    • Setting up an eCommerce store is one part – what are other considerations?


Theme 2: Getting buy-in from stakeholders
    • Who is responsible in an organization that needs to be aligned with choosing to do this type of project?
    • Who else will be affected?
    • How do you drive cultural change throughout the transformation project?
    • How do you involve stakeholders so they feel a part of it?
    • What kinds of people do you reach out to for support in getting the right support/thought leadership for this?


Theme 3: Change Management
    • How do you get your colleagues to adopt the new technology? 
    • How do you get your colleagues to convince your customers to adopt?
    • How do you manage existing channels and channel conflict at the same time?


Theme 4: Lessons Learned
    • What lessons did you learn in the early days of retail eCommerce, and how do they transfer to B2B? 
    • While you were with retail leaders on the client side, how were they able to drive the approval process? How did they set their goals?
    • What pitfalls should you avoid?
    • What do you do if it’s not working? How do you adapt, change course, etc? 
    • What if an environmental factor hits your company midway through? How do you build a model from the beginning to be able to deal with these?


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Thank you to Serge Rose for taking the time to share his experiences with us. If you’d like to get in touch with the Pivotree team about your digital transformation needs, please get in touch.

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