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Amazon Go

Amazon prides itself on the customer experience and Amazon Go delivers, but in a different way. The line is no longer at the register but is at the door! The Amazon Go store has a capacity limit and sales associates restrict how many customers may enter. Even with the line at the door, the process was very quick and seamless.

Amazon Go Checkout

Customer convenience is at an all-time high and no one likes waiting for a cashier to scan their items. This process is so simple at the Amazon Go store. You simply scan your bar code upon entering, and place items in your bag or hand. Leave the store through the designated scanner and the transaction is complete.


Amazon Go Receipt


I tried to put an item in my jacket, pick up an item and replace it on the shelf at a later time and re-enter with items purchased. But I failed to trick the system. Each item was correctly accounted for on my receipt. This seems to be shrink proof!