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Late delivery breaks promises

A late delivery damages brand trust. How well do you fulfill orders?

Each year brands spend billions of dollars to entice you to interact with their brand. Armed with a ‘brand goal’ or ‘key consumer insight’, agencies invent unique ways to inspire consumer interaction. Often, they succeed. Brand engagement rises. But can you keep the promises they make? Keep the brand momentum going? Can you deliver well? Is it important?

You bet. In 2016 IBM surveyed 1,500 U.S. consumers on their retail expectations. Results included:

  • 59% of customers in their 20s are likely or very likely to not shop with you again if they experience a delayed delivery
  • 79% of consumers want easy pickup of online purchases
  • 71% of 13-39 year olds want to skip the checkout line
  • 63% of 13-39 year olds say Same Day Delivery is important when choosing where to shop
  • 96% of consumers say that performance consistency is essential for maintaining trust

The lesson? Protect your brand. Keep your promises. Fulfill orders well.

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