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Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or brand, how well you deliver orders matters. So here are 8 predictions for 2018 that will impact your Delivery Customer Experience (DeliveryCX):

1.  Sales via Amazon

76% of online shoppers said they would do most of their shopping on Amazon during the 2017 holiday season.¹

Expect to see: More retailers and brands listing their products on Amazon and using Amazon Fulfillment Services.


2. Same Day Delivery

Amazon now offers same-day and one-day delivery in over 8,000 U.S. cities and towns.² Best Buy and Macy’s are expanding same-day too.³ And Target is buying a same-day delivery platform, Shipt.4

Expect to see: More retailers leveraging their store inventory to offer same-day delivery.


3. Real-time Delivery Status

Just like Amazon Prime has shifted expectations on delivery time, apps like Uber have shifted expectations around delivery details.

Expect to see: Uber-like maps with real-time tracking on package delivery, especially for same-day deliveries.


4. Increased RFID Adoption

The decline in RFID prices, combined with the increased need for inventory accuracy, results in more retailers rolling out RFID solutions.

Expect to see: More retailers implementing RFID to support their ship from store initiatives.


5.  More Marketplace Sales

Third-party marketplaces, like Amazon and Walmart, expose your products to a larger audience (and can be a great marketing tool). Self-hosted marketplaces let you expand your assortment without increasing your inventory carrying costs.

Expect to see: More brands and retailers either selling on third-party marketplaces or launching their own.


6. Loyalty based delivery perks

Nothing delights a customer more than receiving their order ahead of schedule, and who better to reward than your most loyal customers.

Expect to see: Dynamic preferential delivery perks based on loyalty.


7.  Maintenance Subscriptions

Subscriptions move beyond makeup, shaving supplies, and grocery. Think ‘Home Maintenance’ (like bi-annual smoke detector battery replacement, air and water filters, driveway salt, etc.) or ‘Car Maintenance’ (like windshield wipers, antifreeze, oil, filters, etc.)

Expect to see: More subscriptions geared towards automated delivery of regular maintenance products.


8.  Bitcoin Won’t be a Mainstream Payment Method

Cryptocurrencies aren’t designed to support canceled orders and refunds. This, combined with their high volatility, will prevent mainstream adoption in the short term.

Expect to see: Big fluctuations in cryptocurrency values over the next 12 months, and more time needed for them to become a mature payment method that can support canceled orders and returns.

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