The Warehouse Management System for the future of commerce

Retail Fulfillment, Wholesale Distribution, and 3PL in a single, scalable WMS.

Introducing Pivotree™ WMS, transforming warehouse operations for a frictionless supply chain.

Intelligent, intuitive, integrated.

Has your warehouse solution kept pace with your growing business operations through disruption and beyond.
Look no further than Pivotree WMS. Built for the future, our proprietary MACH certified WMS eliminates friction by reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. Sophisticated yet simple to use, the platform features a robust cloud architecture. with integrated AI and Machine Learning capabilities that allow for continuous improvement, adaptation and self-healing.

One-Stop-Shop for Diverse Warehouse Management

WMS for Retail Fulfillment

Configurable for whatever your retail business needs. Adaptable for an ever­ evolving supply chain.

WMS for Wholesale Distribution

Manage Wholesale Distribution for B2B operations and OEMs.

WMS for 3PL Fulfillment

Tailor compliance requirements and processes for different companies within a single warehouse.

Key Benefits

Fulfillment Network Facilities Management

  • Accelerate onboarding of new fulfillment channels – DC, Store Backroom, and Dark Stores
  • Maintain multiple facilities on a single instance and easily configure users to manage multiple facilities types
  • Compare productivity across facilities to identify improvement opportunities
  • Reduce incremental cost of network expansion and managing business growth

Operations Management

  • Automate the task management process within warehouse, assign task based on the user skills and equipment preference
  • Optimize tasks execution through interleaving and based on intelligent consolidation considering – equipment, zones, task types etc.
  • Manage data of equipment, users, space, and overall resource utilization for identification of saving and scaling opportunities

Process Modeling and Optimization

  • Visual Process Modeling and Config Tool for Inbound, Outbound, Work Order and Inventory Management processes
  • Define multiple workflows to accommodate complex business needs
  • Achieve warehouse setup and process workflows with minimal user training

Fulfillment Optimization

  • Optimize shipping cost by consolidating the outbound shipment to ideal size containers
  • Select ideal shipping service for retail orders by integrating with rate shopping softwares
  • Integrate with robots, automation devices and material handling equipments for supporting scalability through automation

Inventory Tracking & Handling

  • Track Incoming, Storage and outgoing inventory in near real time
  • Synchronize inventory snapshot with upstream systems to achieve near real-time inventory visibility and perfect order fulfillment
  • Manage inventory movement based on expiry date (FEFO), receipt date (FIFO), or any other attribute
  • Maintain Inventory Accuracy for promising using custom count programs

Alerts and Monitoring

  • Monitor order status and enable alerts based on business specific rules to avoid missing of any SLAs
  • Track warehouse operations in near real time to ship orders on time and avoid any penalties
  • Monitor all efficiency parameters, to ensure warehouse is operating at full capacity

Our Warehouse Management System Results by the Numbers

300+ combined years of supply chain experience

200+ distribution centers onboarded

60+ supply chain specialists

global presence across 5 continents

Let’s explore your supply chain friction points together.

Connect with us to discuss the friction points in your supply chain operations. We’ll work together to achieve greater productivity, visibility, and control. Pivotree is here to help through listening, collaborating, and co-creating the right solution for your growing business.