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RFT Template

MDM Platform Selection

Find the right solution with the functionality needed to organize, maintain, and administer your critical enterprise data.

This RFP template is meant to help companies create a starting point for your journey in finding the right platform for your MDM needs.

As a leading provider of MDM Platform Selection and Implementation Services to some of the world’s most influential brands, we have created this list of questions we believe are most important when running an MDM Platform Selection RFP process. Some of these questions may not apply to your unique situation, or you may need to modify questions to suit your business needs.

In addition, we have assigned importance ratings by a manner of percentage to each question on each page, along with a column for entering your own scores from RFP responses in order to create a final percentage grading on each vendor during the selection process.

You may decide to assign more weight to some categories than others. Our team would be happy to discuss with you our reasoning for our recommendations.

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