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The Ecommerce Replatforming Checklist

An API-first or “headless” commerce solution is becoming the go-to application for today’s innovative brands and service providers – but how do you get there after being tethered to an enterprise-grade monolithic solution for so long?

It’s not an easy process – especially when it involves multifaceted systems full of operational and organizational complexities. Getting buy-in from key stakeholders can be a huge part of the battle, considering the multitude of complex changes such a replatforming will entail.

This guide will help you understand this modern, customer-centric approach to commerce, and how your business can undertake it without the traditional “rip and riplace” headache associated with such a project. This is why Pivotree and Elastic Path have collaborated to provide you this resource. If you’re looking to lead your team into the Future of Commerce, our replatforming eBook is a great place to start.

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