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How Pivotree’s sales operation team strategically chose to replatform its CPQ and Sales CRM

This event is finished.
🕑 July 17th 2019 2:00-3:00pm EST

Pivotree was created from a merging of three commerce services providers. When harmonizing the use of sales tools across the organization, including Salesforce CRM and Oracle BMX CPQ, Pivotree’s overall ability to sell and serve their customers was augmented. However, with the announcement of Salesforce Lightning, Pivotree’s sales operations team realized their CPQ tool would not support the new interface. As a result, they evaluated their sales organization’s needs to see if there was a way to better engage customers, empower salespeople, and accelerate sales cycles. It has resulted in a decision to replatform entirely to the SAP Sales Cloud suite – from Oracle BMX to SAP CPQ and Salesforce to SAP Sales CRM, as well as SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

This webinar will cover:

  • The creation of their decision matrix for replatforming to SAP CPQ
  • The evaluation of multiple platforms, including SAP CPQ, Salesforce CPQ, Verenia CPQ, and Oracle CPQ
  • Pivotree’s strategy for extending their replatforming to include CRM with SAP Sales Cloud
  • Pivotree’s Sales Operation’s strategy for implementation
  • A demonstration of the back-end interface of SAP CPQ

Including special guest, VP of CPQ/CLM Solutions at SAP, Milan Rajkovic to share his expertise, demonstrate the back-end functionality of the SAP CPQ platform, and answer questions.


Kurt Thompson – Host

Kurt Thompson is Pivotree’s Sales Operations Manager, and administers its CRM and CPQ tools. He has been with the organization for 15 years through its many changes and evolutions in both the company and his own role, previously working in accounting and billing. Kurt understands the needs of Pivotree’s financial organization intimately, as well as the needs of its sales organization in their sales cycles. He took charge of consolidating Pivotree’s sales tool usage during its merger in 2018 and subsequent rebranding, and helped lead the strategic replatforming decision when it became apparent that BMX would no longer serve Pivotree’s needs. Kurt is extremely analytical, data-obsessed, and an integral part of Pivotree’s sales engine. He would like to share his knowledge and advice in our webinar on Pivotree’s CPQ replatforming decision to help other professionals who may be going through similar digital transformation processes at their own organizations.