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Are you working with the right development partner?

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The success of your online store has a lot to do with the partners you choose – here is our advice for the types of questions you should be asking your development partners, questions like;


  • What percentage of your deployments are on time and on budget? What are some reasons they are not?
  • Do you have an escalation process if someone after hours can’t be reached?
  • If resources leave, how are they replaced and what redundancies are in place to maintain knowledge of the environment?

As an ecommerce managed service provider, Tenzing provides infrastructure and services that improve performance and security for retailers. We work closely with retailers and system integrators on all of our deployments and the decade we’ve spent working in ecommerce has given us some insight into what makes a productive relationship between a retailer and their system integrator. Based on this experience, we’ve built this list of questions that retailers should be ask potential development partners (but often don’t).